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Welcome to the New Era of Fandom

VAULT is a creator platform that uses the power of web3 to unlock the next generation of fan experiences.

Built on the Solana blockchain, VAULT allows creators to curate a vault of content — music, videos, photos, messages, VIP invitations, and more — that can only be unlocked by the holders of a key. The twist? The keys are fully tradable NFTs.

Whether you are a musician on tour, an artist creating a new collection, a writer publishing a chapter a day from your new book, or an NFT artist offering an exclusive preview of your new project, VAULT opens up a whole new way for you to unlock the value of your work and share it with fans.

How does VAULT work?

On VAULT, creators build a vault and mint a finite number of NFT keys. Only fans with keys can access a vault and its content. Creators can add content to their vault over time, increasing the value and excitement for keyholders.

Most importantly, VAULT financially aligns creators and fans. Because the keys are NFTs, fans can resell their keys at any time. Creators earn from the initial sale of keys and earn royalties on all secondary sales, creating a perpetual revenue stream.

In this way, VAULT is a “create once, earn forever'' model that frees creators from the content treadmills of advertising or subscription-based platforms.



Releasing vaults during a tour with behind the scenes pictures, video, and more...


Publishing fiction one page a day for 100 days


Dropping a virtual coffee table book to their fans

NFT Artists

Giving fans an exclusive ‘gallery opening’ preview of their new NFTs

Fan Benefits

Content becomes unique digital collectables that you can buy, own and trade
Get exclusive access to content from your favorite creators
You can also share the upside if you buy vaults early in a creator's career
Once you’re done with the content you can sell your key on the marketplace
Rather than monthly subscriptions you are now invest in the creator's content

Creator Benefits

Instant revenue from your work
New and unique ways to monetise your content
Flexibility on work schedule
Your fans are now investors in your work - they become an army of advocates
Earn royalty income from resales of your work (create once, keep earning)
Surprise, delight, and reward fans by adding new content to your vault

VAULT powers unique experiences that put Creators and Fans in control.


One of a limited supply of NFT Vault Keys minted on the Solana blockchain.


Exclusive access to content from the creators you love, available only on the VAULT App.


Resell valuable Keys to other collectors and share in the Creator’s success.