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Take a look through our FAQ below for answers to your questions. If you still need help, drop us an email at we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What are Vaults?

Vaults are places where creators can post exclusive content, — music, videos, photos, messages, VIP invitations, and more — that can only be unlocked by the holders of a key. The VAULT platform makes it easy fro a creator to build their vault and sell keys that are fully tradable NFTs. When a fan buys a key, they get access to all the content in the vault (unless, of course, they sell the key).

The VAULT founders grew their previous company, the fantasy sports platform FanDuel, into a multi-billion-dollar business by understanding the power of engaged communities. Backed by top-tier VCs, they are now bringing the same community-focused approach to the creator economy.

What are NFTs?

If we think of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, they are all built on a technology called ‘blockchain’. Blockchain is used to monitor and verify digital transactions. But in the case of Ethereum, the technology has been extended to include ‘smart contracts’ – and that’s where Non-Fungible Tokens come in.

Using these smart contracts, Creators can now create a unique NFT that is stored on the decentralized blockchain ledger. This special token is everlasting and unfalsifiable, stored in the owner’s digital wallet. And once created, these NFTs can be bought, sold and traded – just like real-world physical paintings.

NFTs unlock a whole new era and freedom for digital creators which has not been seen previously. Creators are now pioneering new ways to engage with fans and new ways of interacting with digital content online.

Why are NFTs useful?

Exclusivity. Rarity. Collectibility. Provenance. These are the hallmarks with which NFTs are synonymous. They unlock value that was previously hard to monetize and fuel a rapidly growing marketplace that connects artists and fans.

As the world goes more and more digital, NFTs have come of age, ushering in an era of unprecedented freedom for creators and fans.

What is Solana?

Solana is a blockchain network built for speed, security, and efficiency. It combines the proof of stake consensus algorithm (PoS) with a novel proof of history (PoH) system. Solana aims to improve blockchain scalability, by using this combination of proof of stake and so-called proof of history. As a result, they can support 50,000 transactions per second without sacrificing decentralisation.

How do I apply to become a featured Creator on Vault?

At the moment we’re only taking on a limited number of exclusive creators in order to keep up with demand and scale the platform efficiently. If you are interested in becoming a featured creator please apply here (

What type of content works for a Vault?

Currently, photos, text, and links are supported on VAULT. Music, video, and more content formats will be available soon. It’s totally up to you how you run your vault and which content and benefits you place inside that vault (both digital and physical). Anything in a digital format is possible — the possibilities are endless!

I bought a Vault but I had an issue with it?

If you experience any issues at all or have feedback for the team please do reach out to us on and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you can be as descriptive as possible with any faults that will help us track down any issues quickly.

Who’s behind Vault?

The Vault founders grew their previous company, the fantasy sports platform FanDuel, into a multi billion-dollar business by understanding the power of an engaged community. Backed by top-tier VCs, they are now bringing the same community-first approach to the web3 creator economy. Learn more on our Team page.

FAQ & Support

Creator Guide

Take a look through our guide below. If you still need help, drop us an email at we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Getting Started

All it takes to get started on VAULT is a Phantom wallet and an idea. Learn how you can start creating today. 

1. Create a Phantom wallet.
If you already have a Phantom wallet, you can jump to step 2. 

You can create a Phantom wallet in 5 minutes or less by following the instructions on Phantom’s website here
At this time, you must install Phantom on a desktop computer; the Phantom mobile app is view only and not functional for transactions at this time. We recommend creating a wallet by using the Phantom Chrome plugin here.

Important security tip! Make sure to save your seed phrase in a secure place. Your seed phrase is the only way to recover your wallet (and the funds and NFTs inside) should you ever lose your account password or need to migrate it.

2. Add Solana to your wallet.
You need a small amount of Solana in your wallet to mint your Vault on the blockchain. Right now, it costs approximately $3.50 USD in Solana to mint your Vault. You need this amount in your wallet in order to create a Vault. You can purchase it on crypto exchanges like Coinbase then transfer it to your Phantom wallet

What is a Phantom wallet?
The Phantom wallet makes it safe and easy for you to store, buy, send, receive, swap tokens and collect NFTs on the Solana blockchain upon which VAULT is built. 

Why do I need a Phantom wallet?
You need a Phantom wallet in order to mint keys to your Vault, and / or to buy keys to other creators’ Vaults. Your Phantom wallet will also automatically receive your earnings from key sales.

Why do I need to have SOL in my wallet to get started?
Minting your Vault on the blockchain costs approximately $3.50 USD in Solana today. You need this amount in your wallet in order to approve and fund Vault creation. 

3. Create an account.
New accounts must be created on a desktop. To do so, visit on desktop and select ‘Sign Up'. Enter your email address and password, agree to the terms of service, and then select ‘Create Account’.

4. Connect your Phantom wallet.
If you are already signed in to your Phantom wallet, you will be prompted to connect your wallet. If not prompted, click the “Connect Wallet” option at the top of the screen. You will see your wallet address displayed at the top right of the screen once connected.

5. Create a Creator Profile.
If you do not see the ‘Create your profile’ screen, click the ‘Become a Creator’ banner at the top of the homepage. You will be taken to the ‘Create your profile’ screen where you can upload an avatar, add your creator name, and select your VAULT handle, the vanity URL which you can use to promote your profile.
If you have a verified Twitter account, login with your Twitter handle to claim the same handle on VAULT. You will automatically become a verified creator on VAULT with a blue checkmark on your Creator Profile. 
After adding your details, hit ‘Create Profile.’ You will now be taken to your draft Creator Profile. Here you can: 
Change your profile pictureUpload a cover photo by clicking ‘Edit Cover Photo’Add details such as your bio, social links, website, Discord / Spotify account, and more by clicking on the ‘Edit Profile’ option.

Congratulations! Your Creator Account is live! Now you’re ready to create your first Vault. 

How to Create a Vault

Creating a Vault unlocks new ways to share and monetize your creativity. Here’s how to get started.

1. Login to your Creator Profile.
Click the ‘Creator Dashboard’ button in the menu. From this screen, hit the ‘+Create Vault’ button to get started. 

2. Fill out your Vault details.

Fill out all the details for your Vault, including: 

Vault Image:
This image will be used as your NFT key and will appear in the wallet of purchasers. Vault Name: This name will appear as the title for your Vault. Keys Available: Currently, the maximum number of keys that can be minted is 10,000. 

Key Price:
Price must be set in USD. You can check the current value of Solana and conversion rate against your currency here

Vault Description:
This should describe your Vault concept in a catchy way. 

Vault Benefits: 
Outline the benefits the keyholders will receive. NOTE: You can post photos, videos, music/audio files, as well as any links inside your Vault. Links can be used for downloadable items, Discord channels, Zoom, invitations, merch links, and more. 

Important note!
None of the information entered on this screen can be changed or edited once submitted and minted on the blockchain. Please fill your vault details out carefully. 
Keep in mind, you can create different Vaults for different projects, as well as Vault tiers with different price, scarcity, and benefits. Review all of your information before hitting  ‘Create Vault.” 

3. Approve 3 transactions in your Phantom wallet. 
You will be asked to approve three transactions in your Phantom wallet: ‘Setting Up Mint’, ‘Minting Vault NFT’, and ‘Putting Up Vault For Sale’.

Once complete, you will see the following confirmation: ‘Vault Creation Successful’! You can click Share Vault to be taken to your Vault URL. You can also find it by clicking Creator Dashboard. 

4. Add content to your Vault.
Now that you’ve created your Vault, it’s time to add some content! 
Adding content to your Vault takes place via our mobile app, which makes posting content to your Vault as easy as posting to Instagram. 

You can access our mobile app by scanning the QR code on your Vault creation success page. 
You can also download the VAULT app on iOS here or on Android here, or by searching for ‘’ in the Apple or Google Play stores. 

Important note! Make sure you log into the app with the same account credentials you used on our website. Once inside, you will see your Vault under the “My Vaults” section of the app as soon as you log in.
After clicking the ‘My Vaults’ tab, click the image of your created Vault and then simply click “add content” in order to add images, videos, .mp3 files, links, messages, and more to your Vault. 

Who can see the content I post?
Only individuals who purchase a key can see the content in your Vault. Key holders can access your Vault and its contents forever — unless, of course, they sell the key! 

What is the ideal image size to use when uploading a picture into my Vault?
We recommend you upload images with a 4:5 aspect ratio —576 (width) x 720 (height)— in order to avoid the thumbnail being cropped on mobile devices. Clicking a post will enlarge it to a full-screen experience for optimal mobile viewing. 

5. Share your Vault! 
Now that your Vault is created, it is ready to share! We recommend using the vanity URL from your Creator Profile to share your work. That way, fans can see your bio and all of your Vaults in one place. 
To find it, click on your Profile Picture > Creator Profile, which will take you to your Vault Creator Profile at your chosen vanity URL. You can copy the URL here to share with others.
You can also click on a single Vault and click the Share button to copy the URL to an individual Vault. 

VAULT Best Practices 

Learn how to make your Vault stand out and connect with fans.

Vault Concept: 
A Vault can be anything you want: a time capsule, a diary, a community, a behind-the-scenes experience, storytelling, educational content, and more. The best Vaults know what they are from the start. 

We recommend planning your Vault concept and thinking about it like a story with a beginning, middle, and end. In many cases, it helps to align a Vault around a major milestone or event, for example, a new release, an album/story anniversary, a rookie season, etc. 

While there is always opportunity for surprise and delight, we recommend thinking about when and how often you will add to the Vault. Fans will receive push notifications each time a new piece of content is added. 

Vault Promotion: 
Our scheduled drop feature allows you to create a Vault in advance of a designated drop day. By utilizing this feature, you can promote and share your Vault with audiences to increase demand. Vault URLs can be promoted on distribution platforms like social media, including a link in bio. 

Vault Content:
VAULT supports a variety of content types: videos, photos, music / .mp3s, and links. Captions can be added to content as well to create a storytelling experience. Links are particularly useful; they can be used to share private links to Zoom, Discord, private events, parties, websites, merch sales, etc. 

While content can be added to a Vault over time, it is ideal to have at least one piece of content inside the Vault at time of drop. We recommend adding a welcome video to onboard new key holders into the Vault and set expectations for what’s to come. 

Keys and Pricing:
Creators are in control of how they share and monetize their creativity on VAULT. Creators control the scarcity (# of keys) and price. These variables vary based on the Vault concept; however, a good rule of thumb is to expect 0.5-1% of your social media audience to convert to purchase. 

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