Can You Unlock the Vault?

VAULT is launching at Solana Breakpoint 2021! To celebrate, we’re hosting a 3 day Ready Player One-inspired key quest.

Each day we will drop a new vault with a cipher of increasing difficulty. Crack the code for each vault for a chance to win NFTs worth $50,000 from the Solana ecosystem.

Competition Closed
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How Can I Play?

Follow the steps below to unlock your winning opportunity
Step One

Create an Account

Sign up for VAULT here

Step Two

Download the App

Download the VAULT app on iOS and Android

Step Three

Crack the Code

There are three contest vaults, each with a cipher of increasing difficulty. Explore the vaults and start solving!

Let's Play

Get started on Vault One
Vault One
Millionaire Maker
Prize: Meerkat Millionaire

Meerkat Millionaires Country Club is a collection of 9,999 generative meerkats.

Vault Two
Wave of Emotion
Prize: Playground Waves

Inspired by the fluidity of the markets, Waves is a collection of 1,000 unique and randomly generated waves stored on the Solana blockchain.

Vault Three
Monkey Hunt
Prize: Solana Monkey Business

SMB is a collection of 5000 unique randomly generated Solana Monkeys stored on the blockchain.

Winner: @settakid

What Are the Prizes

Vault One

Millionnaire Maker

Meerkat Millionnaire #3955

Vault Two

Wave of Emotions

Playground Wave #758

Vault Three

Monkey Hunt

Solana Monkey Business #4132

But that’s not all...

Ten lucky participants chosen at random will get 100 $SAMO. Must submit an answer to be eligible.

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